Photo Courtesy Ever After Photography by Angela Goff

Panic, dread, worry, apprehension, fear, nervousness, concern, uneasiness,  angst,  fret, disquiet…the list goes on. The fact that we developed so many terms to describe the small variances between these facets of anxiety signifies its importance and influence in our lives.

Anxiety can be paralyzing. It can cause you to check and re-check what you do, not trust your decisions (if you can even make decisions in the first place), and constantly run through the “what-ifs” and come up with terrifying answers. You may feel tired, fatigued, and tense. Sleep may be something you could only hope to achieve. Life may be spent finding ways to avoid the things that make anxiety more intense…which usually means avoiding a large proportion of life itself.

Anxiety is actually a helpful part of our response set that allows us to stay safe. It’s probably a good thing if you are afraid of being cut if a stranger shows up waving a knife around…anxiety alerts our system that there is a “problem” and then helps us to quickly and efficiently do something to keep us alive. The problem arises when you believe you have to be safe from more things than you really do.

Anxiety can be about something specific, such as an intense fear of elevators or public speaking, or may be about many aspects of our lives that manifests in constant worry. You may even experience panic attacks that can lead you to believe you are having a heart attack or are “going crazy.” Regardless of the specifics of your anxiety, I can help you bring it back to a level where it becomes helpful again instead of hindering your life.

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