Psychological Services

You are probably here to find someone to help you change something difficult in your life. Congratulations! You are making an important decision to take control of your health, your well-being, and your sense of meaningfulness.

Photo Courtesy Ever After Photography by Angela Goff
Photo Courtesy Ever After Photography by Angela Goff

While this is a powerful step, it is also a frightening one. You are probably also feeling uncomfortable, unsure, and anxious about where to start, who to see, and what to talk about. I am honored that you would consider allowing me to help you. Learn more about my credentials by reviewing my vitae.

Take a look at some of the concerns I treat as a licensed clinical psychologist (Colorado Licensed Psychologist #4016) and see if I might be the right fit for your needs. If you find that you want to learn more, call 970-286-7856 today to schedule a free confidential consultation.

Eating Disorders
Trauma and PTSD
Grief, Bereavement, and Loss