Equine & Rodeo Sport Psychology

To be at the top of your game, you need to have drive, skill, talent, the right horses, and a lot of practice…


Dr. Korell-Rach and Smoke N Sunshine “Shine” at 2016 Cheyenne Frontier Days Short Go.

You also need the mental ability to handle the competitive nature of your equine sport and perform your best under pressure. There are many factors that contribute to success in the arena. I understand these aspects personally because I am a competitive barrel racer and grew up in a ranching family that competed in flat track racing, chariot racing, roping, and barrel racing.

Consider allowing me to help you improve your performance through sport psychology techniques, including:

  • Visualization
  • Enhancing Focus
  • Managing Performance Anxiety
  • Working With Your Horse’s Needs
  • Goal-Setting and Attainment
  • Value-Driven Performance
  • Motor Skill Retention
  • Maximizing Self Awareness
  • Affirmations and Self-Talk
  • Handling Defeat
  • Winning Well

Please call for a free, confidential consultation today 970-286-7856.


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