Some days are dreadful! Most of us have them at some points in time…those days where we metaphorically “wake up on the wrong side of the bed” and it seems that each task, chore, decision, and interaction with others becomes complicated, irritating, gloomy, and flat out wrong.

Photo Courtesy Ever After Photography By Angela Goff

While having a few bad days is normal, having frequent bad days can be depression. Depression interferes with life. You may feel lonely, but do not have the energy or gumption to see your friends. You may be tired, but cannot sleep or sleep too much and still feel tired. You may eat more and then be upset about your weight. You may stop eating because it takes too much effort. Work may slip, relationships may fade, and your desire to live may become questionable.

Depression may come from identifiable, external situations, such as losing a job or having a romantic relationship end. It may also feel entirely unrelated from any events in your life. Regardless of the causes of depression, there are strategies to change your thinking and, therefore, how you feel. Changing thought patterns is certainly not easy, but it is entirely possible.

You CAN find the way out of depression to live a contented life, and I can guide you in locating that path. Please call for a free, confidential consultation today 970-286-7856.