Photo Courtesy Ever After Photography by Angela Goff

Fear. It is gripping, powerful, and all-encompassing. It makes you jumpy, jittery, nervous, and restless. You probably avoid anything that reminds you of what happened. You may feel embarrassed or shameful about what happened or about how you feel now. You might feel as if you could be blown away with a light breeze.

You probably tell yourself to “Let it go,” or “Quit thinking about it,” but you can’t. Others may say, “Get over it,” but you don’t know how. You feel trapped, scared, and overwhelmed. You may feel as if you are out of your body or as if you cannot control what you are doing. This may give you temporary relief, or terrify you even more.

Traumatic events can include war, being in an accident, witnessing an accident, rape, natural disasters, and sexual, physical, or emotional abuse as an adult or child. There is no end to the list of events that can cause trauma responses. For some, there is only one episode; for others, there are countless episodes. No one reason or amount of event intensity is more “worthy” or a “better reason” to experience trauma. The fact is, if you have been traumatized, there is hope.

I help you understand how your traumatic experience has shifted the way you view the world, others, your future, and yourself. I help you explore how the “lessons” you learned influence your current life in unhealthy ways and identify ways to help you overcome these unhelpful beliefs. I offer you coping strategies to reduce and manage symptoms so that you can work through unresolved aspects of your trauma to arrive at an integrated view of the event that no longer has to intrude upon your life.

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