Life can be complicated, confusing, and painful…
I am here to help you get BETTER!

Chances are that you might be feeling intimidated, apprehensive, or suspicious about finding a psychologist or life coach. After all, many of us anticipate laying on a couch while some “shrink” asks, “How does that make you feel?”

Kathy and Merlot 2021

While I am likely to ask you about feelings, I can assure you that working with me looks and feels quite different from most media portrayals.

I have a doctorate of philosophy in clinical psychology and am a Licensed Psychologist in Loveland, Colorado.

I also provide sport-focused life coaching services specifically for those in rodeo and equine disciplines. Please note that life coaching for sport performance is very different than the work I do as a psychologist. These differences will be discussed in detail if you are interested in life coaching services.

Offering both in-office and teletherapy appointment options.

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